Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security


Examination office`s information

We strongly recommend to attend the examination office’s webpage.
Among other information, this webpage provides you with information about the following topics:

  • Examination deadlines
  • Exam registration
  • Examination dates

Additional information is provided at the examination office FAQ-section, e.g. regarding final paper registration (Bachelor-, Master-, Diploma-thesis) and required forms.


  • Where to find information about a specific course?

All information concerning a course is usually available in the teaching section, on the respective course webpage.

  • Who is the contact person of a specific course?

Contact persons for questions about content and organizational topics of the lectures are the mentoring research assistants. They are named at the course webpage in the teaching section. Please consider the course contact e-mail addresses as well. The addresses are announced at the beginning of each course and at the course web-pages as well.

  • Where to register for a specific course?

Information about required registrations is available on the respective course webpage in the teaching section (v.s.). Unless something different is explicitly announced, the registration has to be completed on the respective course webpage.

  • Where to download the course documents?

The course documents are available at the respective course webpage in the teaching section.


  • How to register for a tutorial?

In case a registration for a tutorial is required, information with regard to the registration is provided at the course webpage in the teaching section.

  • Are tutorials mandatory?

Please consult the respective course webpage in the teaching section for further information.


Exams and final papers
  • When is the exam ?

The exam dates are announced by the faculty`s examination office. Further information is available at the respective course webpage in the teaching section.

  • How to register for the Bachelor-, Master-, and Diploma-Thesis? Who is my contact?

Information with regard to registration and procedure of a Bachelor-, Master-, and Diploma-Thesis is available at the examination office’s webpage. We strongly recommend contacting us prior to the official registration.

In the teaching section you will find a list of suggested thesis-topics and the respective mentoring research assistant.

  • If you are especially interested in one of these topics, please contact the respective research assistant.
  • If you are not interested in any of these topics but in the research area on Mobile Business & Multilateral Security in general, please refer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (if applicable with a topic proposal).


  • How can I get a Master recommendation letter ?

The chair will issue letters of recommendation for bachelor students only for the purpose of applying for a master program. The standard format is the letter of evaluation provided by the faculty of Wirtschaftswissenschaften / Goethe University Frankfurt, available at the website of the examination office. If the master program a student aims to apply for requires a different format this has to be documented by the student. The process will then be agreed upon individually.

Please consider the following points before contacting us:

  • Fill in your personal details on the recommendation letter blueprint.
  • We base recommendation letters on the achieved marks.
  • Please calculate a working time of approximately 3 weeks.