Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security

Dr. Klaus Kursawe

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Research Interests
  • Fault tolerant distributed systems Trusted Computing Privacy
Curriculum Vitae
The European Network for Cyber Security, Director Research & Development
  • "Asynchronous Group Communication", RPPDS.

Refereed Publications

  • Deng, Mina; Fritsch, Lothar; Kursawe, Klaus . 2006. "Personal Rights Management - Taming camera-phones for individual privacy enforcement", Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • Deng, Mina; Fritsch, Lothar; Kursawe, Klaus . 2005. "Personal Rights Management - enabling privacy rights in digital online content", Salzburg, Austria.
  • Kursawe, Klaus; Cachin, Christian; Lysyanskaya, Anna; Strobl, Reto . 2002. "Asynchronous Verifiable Secret Sharing and Proactive Cryptosystems.".
  • Kursawe, Klaus . 2002. "Optimistic Byzantine Agreement".
  • Kursawe, Klaus; Albers, Susanne; Schuierer, Sven . 1999. "Exploring Onknown Environments with Obstacles".
Working Papers
  • Fritsch, Lothar; Kursawe, Klaus . 2005. "Personal Rights Management (PRM): Enabling Privacy Rights in Digital Online Media Content", In: Hochschulschriften der Johann Wolfgang Goethe - Universität, Eds. , Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  • Kursawe, Klaus; Shoup, Victor. 2002. "Optimistic Asynchronous Atomic Broadcast".
  • Kursawe, Klaus; Cachin, Christian; Petzold, Frank; Shoup, Victor. 2001. "Secure and Efficient Asynchronous Broadcast Protocols".
  • Kursawe, Klaus; Cachin, Christian; Shoup, Victor. 2000. "Random Oracles in Constantinople: Practical Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement using Cryptography".