Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security

Dr. Ioannis Krontiris

Former Member

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  • Dimitriou, Tassos; Krontiris, Ioannis; Nikakis, Fotios. 2004.; "Fast and Scalable Key Establishment in Sensor Networks".
Refereed Publications
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Reviewed Project Publications
  • Joerg Abendroth, Souheil Bcheri, Ioannis Krontiris, Vasiliki Liagkou, Ahmad Sabouri, Eva Schlehahn, Fatbardh Veseli, Harald Zwingelberg . 2013.; "D5.2 Amendment Building Blocks of ABC Technology", ABC4Trust Deliverable to the EC.
Scientific Expertises
  • Krontiris, Ioannis . 2010.; "Towards Open-world Urban Sensing Applications", Helsinki, Finland.
  • Krontiris, Ioannis; Benenson, Zinaida; Giannetsos, Thanassis; Freiling, Felix C.; Dimitriou, Tassos . 2009.; "Cooperative Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks".
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