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Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain: Promise and Challenges


Basic Information
Type of Lecture: Seminar
Course: Master
Hours/Week: 2
Credit Points: 6
Language: English
Term: Winter 2019/2020
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Content of the Course


Learning Goals and Competency

          • Basic understanding of the technological and economical evaluation of augmented reality and associated topics such as privacy (LGBWL-1)
          • Communication of the obtained results in a clear and comprehensible manner (LGBWL-4)
          • Critical discussion of all results in the group (LGBWL-4)

Since being first introduced in the form of Bitcoin in 2009, interest in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in particular has skyrocketed. Bitcoin achieved a market capitalization exceeding $300bn in December 2017, and thousands of altcoins arising. At the same time, alternative applications of the blockchain technology is currently being explored in areas as diverse as supply-chain management, land registry or voting systems.

This seminar aims to deepen our understanding of the blockchain technology, its promise and challenges, with a focus on technological, privacy-related and financial viewpoints. Students will work on the different research topics and apply theoretical as well as empirical research methodologies like systematic literature reviews or quantitative user studies. Students will be working individually or in groups.


  • Smart Contracts
  • Consensus Protocols and Proof-of-Stake
  • Cryptocurrencies as an Asset Class
  • Anonymity & Privacy in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

 Kick-Off Presentation:


This module is limited to 20 participants.

Students can take part in the allocation procedure within the application period via QIS application for an assignment.

The result of the allocation procedure will probably be available two days after the application period in QIS-LSF (My Functions > My Lectures).