Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security

Identity management in the crossroad: business interests and users’ privacy


Basic Information
Type of Lecture: Lecture 
Course: Master
Hours/Week: 0
Credit Points: 6
Language: English
Term: Summer 2014
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg
Dr. Gökhan Bal
Dr. Fatbardh Veseli
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Content of the Course


The modern society has undergone rapid developments in the digital world, creating the concept of a digital society. Social networks, smart mobile devices, online shopping and services have encouraged new ways of doing business, and changed our habits and social interactions. Nevertheless, the impacts of these changes on the online users’ privacy have not always been fully understood by the users, as our personal information is released to different parties, which we have not full control of. On top of that, the many accounts we need for different services makes it difficult for the Users to properly manage their “different identities” in the digital world. In this seminar, we will investigate the different interesting topics around identity management in the light of the recent developments in technologies that promise taking into account multilaretal interests of both businesses and the users. 

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